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Make Common Core in Montana – Uncommon

By September 25, 2013Montana
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CWA Partners,

First, thank you ALL for your prayers, letters, and support in this fight against Common Core here in Montana. We made the news!!! Monday’s meeting of the Interim Education Committee was interesting. We are ruffling feathers to get answers, and I see great things ahead! View other pro-family groups and me expressing our concerns as reported by KXLH, Channel 9 local Helena news.

Second, are you up to speed on the dangers of Common Core? Educate yourself. This is an experiment destined for failure. It is an assault on state rights and local control. Montanans are losing both parental and privacy rights as Common Core is getting more and more entrenched into our schools. Take a moment and understand the dangers of Common Core. Here are some helpful resources:


Talking Points

Third, Common Core must be stopped! We need you to keep the heat on those who have the power to withdraw Montana from this education experiment. It’s time to take action! Please contact the members of the Montana Board of Public Education and the legislators on the Interim Education Committee. Let them know that you are concerned about the financial burden, lack of local control, and more with the implementation of Common Core. Use information from the helpful resources above to formulate your position.

Fourth, pray and ask the Lord to change the hearts of the members of the Montana Board of Public Education as well as the legislators on the Interim Education Committee. May they see the multiple dangers to our children, families, local administrations and state.

Fifth, please pass this information on to your friends and family in Montana. It is important that we keep the heat on those in power by spreading the word and getting others to pray and take action.

Sixth, I am continuing to travel the state speaking about the problems of Common Core and the many other issues about which Concerned Women for America cares so deeply. For example, I will be in Helena on September 27 for the Montana Federation of Republic Women’s Annual Conference speaking on Common Core. We will be in room 152 in the capital building should you be available to join us beginning at 9:00 a.m.

Thank you for being involved in so many ways!! God Bless!


Tonya Shellnutt
State Director
CWA of Montana