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“Major Flirt” and “Mac Daddy”: It’s Halloween Costume Time Again!

By October 7, 2011Blog, Defense of Family
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The mail arrived and it is that time of year again – the time when stores sell Halloween costumes that sexualize girls and glorify pimps and homicidal maniacs for boys. Oh joy; it’s time to flip through the costume catalog.

This year for infant girls (6-12 months and 12-18 months) there is an adorable (and age-appropriate) “Inky Black Kitty” costume which covers their arms and legs and looks like a cat. Right next to it though, is the “Cat Tutu” costume. Do cats and tutus usually go together? Anyway, this costume, for infant girls (anywhere from 6-18 months) consists of black tights, a bright pink tutu and a spaghetti strap black top. Oh, and to make sure it looks like a “cat tutu” there are some nifty
bright pink cat ears attached to a headband.

The toddler “Cuddly Lion” costume, the “Cheetah Cat” costume and the “Little Leopard” costume really must be seen to be believed. Remember when you view
the pictures that these are costumes for TODDLER girls! It begs the question, where were the parents of these children when the photos were taken? And, what kind
of parent would dress their toddler girl like this?

For the infant and toddler boys, they are all covered head to toe. In fact, boy costumes should probably cost double the amount of the girl costumes as they use twice
as much fabric.

Even with twice as much fabric, the choices are abhorrent for older boys too. On the “horror, gothic” page of the Party City website there appear these delightful costume choices for the boys: zombies of many professions and hobbies, evil and psycho clowns (although the difference is nuanced), a psychopathic killer, tortured souls (one “dark,” one “malevolent”), Chucky and Michael Myers and of course evil jesters, to name but
a few.

The “Mac Daddy” pimp costume falls under the “retro” heading. What parent wouldn’t want their son portraying a man who beats and rapes women and makes money from other men beating and raping women? If the boy has a tween sister, she could dress up as “Major Flirt” and “Mac Daddy” could turn her out. Really, the fun choices are endless.

Yes, sadly, it is that time of year again…