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Light up the Governor’s Switchboard

By October 11, 2013Georgia
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It is time to reverse course in Georgia and return educational sovereignty to its rightful owners- the citizens of Georgia. The Governor still supports the Common Core standards and the aligned testing.

We are asking everyone to help light up the Governor’s switchboard by calling his office (404-656-1776) this Wednesday, October 16, 2013.

Urge Gov. Deal to support state legislation to withdraw Georgia from the Common Core standards, any type of national or regional tests that is aligned with Common Core and any student data-tracking or data-sharing system that collects personally sensitive information.

Status on Common Core:

  • Common Core is still being implemented in Georgia in every district.

S.B. 167 and S.B. 203 are active bills to stop Common Core and need to be passed during the 2014 General Assembly. The Governor signed an Executive Order to halt some categories of data collection. It is not sufficient, and not law. The Governor has asked the State School Board to review the Common Core standards. Ask his office how you can be involved in this process.