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By October 1, 2012Blog, Defense of Family
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Would you spray paint slurs on your walls, carve derogatory words into your own skin, and set your house on fire?  According to the New York Daily News, you might if you were Charlie Rogers.  In a sad and bizarre turn of events, Rogers — a lesbian activist in Lincoln, Nebraska — was arrested on Tuesday for filing false reports of a “hate crime” on July 22.

The “attack” occurred during the height of a battle over Lincoln’s “fairness ordinance,” a euphemism for a law that grants special rights to homosexuals under the guise of “banning discrimination,” often to the detriment of religious freedom and free speech.  “So maybe I am too idealistic,” Rogers posted on her Facebook page four days before the incident, “but I believe way deep inside me that we can make things better for everyone. I will be a catalyst. I will do what it takes. I will. Watch me.”

That post, coupled with other sketchy details — a tidy, unbloodied bed where the attack supposedly took place; a pile of clothes, gloves, and a box cutter bearing copious amounts of Rogers’ DNA, but no one else’s; and a forensic pathology report that says the cuts on her body were “superficial, symmetrical, avoided sensitive areas of the body, appear that they would have taken considerable time to do and are accessible to the victim and follow the victim’s frame of reference” — led to the charges against Rogers.

A statement by homosexual activist groups released after Rogers’ arrest urged residents to continue their fight against violence and hate.  But how hard is that to do when the violence and hate is perpetrated by the very people you’re supposed to be protecting?

Charlie, your sexual lifestyle — the behavior in which you are currently engaged — may feel natural, but it’s not.  It’s harmful to you, and it’s harmful to your soul.  This life is a shadow, and the whole of eternity lies ahead of you — and none of us wants you on the wrong side of eternity.

I know a woman who was once like you.  She was 100% interested in women and held no sexual interest for men.  But she changed; more accurately, she allowed God to change her.  (And before you call “Garbage” on me, see it from my point of view.  If God can part the Red Sea, can He not change and heal a human heart?)

My friend is happily married today — yes, to a man — and she has blessed the world with two beautiful girls who would otherwise not be here if she’d remained trapped in her belief that she was a lesbian and couldn’t change.

The modern idea that you’re born homosexual and can’t change simply is not supported by science.  The “gay gene” hasn’t been found and never will be; and none of the studies touted by homosexual activist groups have ever been replicated with believable results.

“Born that way” is a lie, and when we pass “fairness ordinances” to protect homosexuals — laws which, by the way, should protect all citizens, regardless of who they sleep with — all we really do is reinforce that lie and make it infinitely harder for folks like my friend to leave a dangerous and morally scarring lifestyle.

That may seem hateful to you, and from your viewpoint, I can see how it would.  But isn’t it more hateful to withhold the truth and never let you know that you can change?  I — and millions of others like me — think so.

So hate me.  Slander me.  Paint me as a bigot.  Regardless, I will love you by telling you the truth.  You can change, Charlie.  Whether you do or not is up to you, but you really should give it a try.

Our guest blogger today is Christian Shelby, a volunteer with Concerned Women for America.