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Legislative Update: Week Three

By January 27, 2024South Dakota
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Woe to those who call evil good and good evil: Who put darkness for light and light for darkness; Who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! -Isaiah 5:20

Child Pornography
SB79 is an Act to revise provisions related to the possession, distribution, and manufacture of child pornography. With the rise of artificial intelligence child pornography is being computer generated, but real children are being victimized. SB79 defines possession, distribution, and manufacture of child porn and provides tougher mandatory minimum sentences. SB72 passed unanimously in committee and in the full Senate. 

Drag Queen Prohibitions
HB1113, a bill to prohibit the use of state resources for the provision of lewd or lascivious content, was defeated in the House State Affairs Committee this week. If passed, the bill would have prevented state-owned facilities, through the Board of Regents, from expending taxpayer dollars for lewd or lascivious content activities. The purpose of HB1113 was to prevent drag shows from being held in our state universities’ facilities. As a women’s organization, Concerned Women for America (CWA) of South Dakota supported the bill and noted specifically the offensive nature of how drag shows portray women’s physical and facial features in a grotesque and clownish manner. HB1113 went to the 41st legislative day, thus killing the bill. Check the votes here. We wanted a No vote.

Protect our Constitution
The Constitutional Convention resolutions (Convention of States), SJR508 and SJR509 will be considered in Senate State Affairs Committee.

Talking points:

  • It is too risky to open our Constitution. There is too much national division and radical interest groups.
  • We already have limited government and fiscal restraint stipulations in our Constitution. They just need to be obeyed. The Constitution is not the problem.
  • There is too much uncertainty as to how a Constitutional Convention would be conducted. Who would be in charge?
  • Delegates to a Constitutional Convention could set their own rules with a new and weaker ratification mode. 
  • Who selects the delegates? Would California get more than South Dakota? Unknown.
  • Our Second Amendment and Electoral College would be threatened. A “right” to tax-payer-funded abortion could easily be considered.

Please read our brochure “The U.S. Constitution is Not the Problem!” and “The Case Against Term Limits” at to understand this topic.

ACTION: Contact your state senator today through our Action Center here and urge them to oppose SJR508 and SJR509, the Convention of States resolutions.

Thank you for your faithfulness in prayer and action.

Linda Schauer
State Director