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Legislation Update: Week of September 6

By September 13, 2010Legislative Updates
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The halls of Congress continue to feel like a ghost town, and many congressional staffers are taking advantage of the quiet to spend time with their families or help their bosses in their home districts.The Concerned Women for America (CWA) Legislation Department, however, is meeting with staffers still in D.C. to strategize and discuss what might happen once Congress reconvenes next week.The Senate is set to meet on September 13, while the House will reconvene on September 14.

Embryonic Stem Cell Research (ESCR)

The controversial issue of destroying embryos to procure their stem cells for medical use is once again heating up on Capitol Hill.In response to a recent preliminary injunction by a federal judge that stopped the federal funding of ESCR, liberals are fighting to pass legislation that would use taxpayer dollars to destroy life.

On August 27, a Rasmussen Poll revealed that 57 percent of individuals polled oppose taxpayer funding for stem cell research that requires the destruction of human embryos.Only 33 percent of those polled indicated that they believe that federal funds should be spent on the research, showing that even Americans who do not wholly object to the practice still maintain that it should not be funded by the federal government.

There is a sense that Rep. Diana DeGette (D-Colorado), a strong proponent of both embryonic stem cell research and human cloning, will push her legislation to legalize and expand both controversial practices.CWA is gearing up to meet with congressional offices and make them aware that voters do indeed care about this issue and that many voters are encouraged by the success of adult stem cells and would like to see more resources devoted to them instead of solely to embryonic stem cells.

Please contact your representative below and ask them to oppose this destructive research:


John Boccieri (D-Ohio) -330-489-4414

Bobby Bright (D-Alabama) 334-277-9113

Travis Childers (D-Mississippi) 662-844-5437, 662-294-1321

Kathy Dahlkemper (D-Pennsylvania) 814-456-2038

Lincoln Davis (D-Tennessee) 931-879-2361, 865-354-3323

Joe Donnelly (D-Indiana) 574-288-2780, 219-326-6808

Steve Driehaus (D-Ohio) 513-684-2723

Brad Ellsworth (D-Indiana) 812-465-6484, 812-232-0523

Marcy Kaptur (D-Ohio) 419-259-7500

Jim Marshall (D-Georgia) -478-464-0255, 229-556-7418

Mike McIntyre (D-North Carolina) 910-323-0260, 910-815-4959

Alan Mollohan (D-West Virginia) 304-292-3019, 304-428-0493

Tom Perriello (D-Virginia) 434-293-9631, 434-791-2596

Nick Rahall (D-West Virginia) 304-252-5000, 304-325-6222

Heath Shuler (D-North Carolina) 828-252-1651, 828-835-4981

Bart Stupak (D-Michigan) 231-348-0657, 906-228-3700, 989-356-0690

Charlie Wilson (D-Ohio) 740-376-0868, 330-533-7250


Joe Barton (R-Texas) 817-543-1000, 972-875-8488, 936-544-8488

Ginny Brown-Waite (R-Florida) – 352-799-8354

Ken Calvert (R- California) 951-784-4300, 949-888-8498

Mike Coffman (R-Colorado) 720-283-9772

Howard Coble (R-North Carolina)- 336-333-5005, 336-626-3060, 704-209-0426

David Dreier (R-California) 909-575-6226

Jo Ann Emmerson (R-Missouri) 573-335-0101, 417-255-1515

Dean Heller (R-Nevada) 775-686-5760, 702-255-1651

Darrell Issa (R-California) 760-599-5000, 951-693-2447

Buck McKeon (R-California) -661-254-2111, 661-274-9688

Todd Platts (R-Pennsylvania) 717-600-1919, 717-338-1919

Dave Reichert (R-Washington) 206-275-3438

Dana Rohrbacher (R-California) 714-960-6483

Bill Young (R-Florida) 727-893-3191, 727-394-6950

Brian Bilbray (R-California) 858-350-1150

Shelley Moore Capito (R-West Virginia) 304-925-5964, 304-264-8110

Jim Gerlach (R-Pennsylvania) 610-594-1415, 610-376-7630

Kay Granger (R-Texas) 817-338-0909

Steven LaTourette (R-Ohio) – 440-352-3939, 330-425-9291

Jerry Lewis (R-California) 909-862-6030

Connie Mack (R-Florida) 239-573-5837, 239-252-6225

Fred Upton (R-Michigan) 269-385-0039, 269-982-1986

Greg Walden (R-Oregon) 541-776-4646, 541-389-4408

Don Young (R-Alaska) 907-271-5978, 907-586-7400, 907-456-0210

Spending Revolt
All American families work within a budget.When President Obama was campaigning for the presidency, he said, Like any cash strapped family, we will work within a budget to invest in what we need and sacrifice what we dont.And, if [I] have to enforce with a veto, [I] will.

However, in the first 500 days of the Obama Administration, our national debt increased $2.2 trillion which is a whopping $4.4 billion per day, or $112,000 per second, and his policies are expected to result in an annual deficit this year of $1.5 trillion (which is $12,664 per household) and push the public debt to 90 percent of the economy by 2020.

In addition, we are facing the largest tax increase weve seen, with the Bush tax cuts set to expire on December 31, 2010.

Americans are growing more frustrated about the direction of our economy under the Obama Administration.On September 17, CWA will sponsor a Spending Revolt rally in cash-strapped California to send a message to Washington before the November elections that Congress cannot continue to tax Americans beyond their means.

CWA Project 535 Lobby Training

On August 25, the CWA Legislation Department hosted a lobby training day for volunteers interested in becoming involved in Project 535 lobbying on Capitol Hill.The group heard from staffers ranging from chiefs of staff to legislative assistants who shared about their experiences working for congressmen and navigating the legislation process.It was encouraging for CWA volunteers to interact with staffers who are passionate about standing up for conservative values in Congress and to hear firsthand why it is so important for the grassroots to be active in holding elected officials accountable.

Project 535 Lobby Days

The next lobby day will be held on September 29, 2010, and will focus on garnering further support in the House of Representatives for Rep. Chris Smiths (R-New Jersey) bill to codify the pro-life riders, or language in legislation that prevents taxpayer funding of abortion.Currently, such language must be reintroduced every year, and Rep. Smiths bill would ensure its permanence.

There are currently 166 representatives who are co-sponsors of the bill, and during the lobby day, CWA volunteers will have an opportunity to encourage even more representatives to join them.

For future lobby days, the schedule is as follows:

October: No lobby day (the focus will be on campaigns and elections)

November 17: Lobby day, pending availability of volunteers (as it is the week before Thanksgiving, and Congress will briefly be in session before adjourning for the holiday).

December: No lobby day (Merry Christmas!)

January 24, 2011: Lobby day (scheduled for Monday to line up with March for Life)