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Left and Right Groups Join Together To Urge DeWine Do More On Steubenville Rape Case

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Concerned Women for America (CWA), Ultraviolet,, National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, YWCA-Greater Cleveland and Justice For Children Join Forces To Urge DeWine Show Ohio Takes Rape Seriously

Groups on both sides of the political spectrum joined together today to send a letter to Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine urging that he take rape seriously and further investigate the Steubenville rape case.

Penny Nance, CEO and President of Concerned Women for America:

“Concerned Women for America joined this initiative to call for justice in a situation that could have been any one of our daughters. Society has sexualized our children without any consideration to its true consequences. Our young people must know that rape is a serious crime and will be prosecuted as such. Failing to report a rape is failing as a human being. Concerned Women for America has been in contact with Attorney General DeWine’s office to insure they are taking all appropriate measures and doing their due diligence in this case. We pray for a sound consideration of all evidence and an appropriate response to such a despicable crime. Appropriate attention to this case and all parties involved will help set a precedent nationwide.”

Shaunna Thomas, co-founder of Ultraviolet:

“There are few things that Ultraviolet and Concerned Woman for America agree on, but when it comes to rape case in Steubenville we are united. Every last person involved in the cover-up of this crime must be prosecuted. Failing to report a rape is a crime under Ohio law, and all women–left, right and everywhere in between–are fed up with AG Mike DeWine for failing to take these crimes seriously. This isn’t an ideological issue. It is a question of justice.”