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Lady Smarts, Not Lady Parts

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Ovulation is not a sexy topic.  But sometimes it’s an unavoidable discussion.  Especially when CNN publishes a study alleging that women tend to support President Barack Obama when they ovulate because — and yes, I quote — “they feel sexier.”

Like wildfire, this study spread across social media.  More than 2,100 mentions were posted on Twitter alone, according to The Daily Caller.  None of them were nice.  I can tell you that women don’t respond pleasantly to the kind of blatant sexism entrenched in CNN’s article.

“As if my ability to make decisions depends on my cycle!” tweeted one female reader.  Another woman wrote, “I think I am done with CNN.”

CNN responded to women’s outrage by deleting the study.  You can still visit the page, but in place of the study is a statement by CNN editors saying, “After further review it was determined that some elements of the story did not meet the editorial standards of CNN.  We thank you for your comments and feedback.”  No apology, no remorse, nothing.  But can we expect much more from the biased, Left-leaning news outlet?  Of course not!

This was just another bid by an Obama-supporting lapdog to secure women’s vote based on our ovaries.

In the interest of real women, Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee conducted its own women’s study two weeks ago.  The number one issue was not abortion and birth control.  In fact, those issues were at the bottom of women’s laundry list of concerns.  Top issues important to women were economic growth, jobs, and the national debt.  Women of this country are looking for a leader who will lift us out of our current economic turmoil and keep us safe abroad.  Women are looking for leadership that we currently don’t have.

Political pundits are going to be shocked come November 6, when women vote with their lady smarts, not their lady parts.


Update: The misogynistic Obama Campaign has released an obnoxious, double-entendre of a Web ad, featuring a woman who looks and acts like an overly immature, tattooed twelve-year-old.  Once again, Obama is reducing women to — do we have to say it again? — “lady parts.”   Well, the pimply faced adolescents over at Obama HQ need to grow up and realize that we think with our brains and act with our hearts — again, “Lady Smarts, Not Lady Parts.”  Obama’s good ‘ol boys may have their minds in the gutter, but our minds are on our pocketbooks.  In every sense of the phrase, “It’s the economy, stupid.”  Did they miss the headline about the “gender gap” between Obama and Romney disappearing?  Maybe it’s because we’re not  a bunch of cheap floozies, easily bought with condoms and free pills.