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Killer Pills Mark 10 Years

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Washington, D.C. — September 28 marks the tenth anniversary of the illegitimate approval of the abortion drug RU-486 by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Concerned Women for America’s president, Wendy Wright, notes:

“Ten years ago, on the day the FDA approved the first abortion drug RU-486, I warned that RU-486 has only one purpose: to kill a human being. And it could claim two lives, the baby and the mother. RU-486 proved to be more dangerous than surgical abortion. Today we mourn the thousands of lives lost to this unnecessary and dangerous abortion drug.

“Concerned Women for America extensively documented how the FDA, under intense political pressure, violated its rules – which protect patients from harmful drugs – in order to push RU-486 onto the market. Politicians like Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-California) leaned on the FDA to bypass their basic requirements, and in doing so claimed a victory for abortionists but a loss for women. Planned Parenthood continues to tell women that RU-486 is ‘extremely safe,’ even after thousands of young women have hemorrhaged, suffered life-threatening infections and excruciating pain, or died like Holly Patterson.

“Rather than learn from this sordid lesson, the FDA is continuing the pattern ten years later by approving another abortion drug this year called “ella.” Ella is chemically similar to RU-486 and, likewise, not fully tested. It was also pushed by the abortion lobby with no concern for women’s well-being. For example, the FDA neglected to require basic studies that would determine if ella can cause birth defects in babies that survive.

“When it comes to abortion drugs, an FDA approval merely means ‘buyers beware.’

“In 2002, CWA challenged the FDA’s approval of RU-486. We provided a compelling narrative, detailing numerous violations, all of which put women at great risk. The FDA has yet to respond.”

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