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It’s time for Floridians to stand up for the Biblical definition of marriage!

By October 7, 2010Florida
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What You Need to Know:

Forty-four states have now adopted laws re-affirming the definition of marriage as the union of a husband and wife. Out of thirty states where a constitutional amendment on marriage has gone to the people, the amendment has passed all 30 times. Florida is one of these states!

In 1996, the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) passed Congress by 85% of the votes and was signed into law by President Clinton. This limits same-sex marriage to six small states. DOMA stops radical judges from imposing same-sex marriage on all of America. Without DOMA, judges could force all states to recognize gay marriages from these six small, liberal states.

DOMA is in danger of being overturned! President Obama has stated that he wants DOMA overturned. Though DOMA is not up for a vote currently we expect it to come up as early as the first of the year.

What You Can Do:

  • There is no better time than the present to let your representatives, senators and candidates know how you stand on the issue of marriage. Ask them not to do anything that would overturn or undermine the sanctity of marriage as in between one man and one woman. Click here if you want to know who your Members of Congress are and how to contact them.
  • Let your voice be heard by signing the NOM Petition “2 Million for Marriage”.
  • Sign up for CWA national’s e-alerts. When DOMA comes up they will let you know so that you can take action in a timely fashion.

How You Can Pray:

Pray and ask the Lord to strengthen the support of the house and senate for the sanctity of marriage. Thank the Lord that Florida is one of forty-four states that have adopted laws re-affirming the definition of marriage as the union of a husband and wife.