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It is Time for Both Churches and Synagogues Alike to Rise Up and Become Politically Active

By October 7, 2010Florida
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A divine appointment in May set two ministers (whose wives are CWA of Florida members) on a path together to restore America to her Judeo-Christian roots. Pastor Jim Book, of the First Christian Church of Winter Park, and Rabbi Jem Golden of Ma’gen Da’vid Messianic Synagogue of Port St. John, met at the Liberty Summit where they were both scheduled speakers. Their messages resonated with attendees and sparked a fire that is spreading and leading to speaking requests across the U.S.

Both Jew and Christian have the same message: it is time for ministers in churches and synagogues to lead their members to be politically involved in order to save our country.

Pastor Jim Book speaks about the leaders of the United States being devout Christians and how they quoted Scripture and called on Jesus Christ in prayer. Weaving his message with Scripture, Pastor Jim challenges attendees to return to Godly values and to the Biblical principles of the Constitution.

Rabbi Jem Golden encourages ministers to trust God to protect them as they lead out to stand up for the obedience God expects of them. Both a Biblical and American historian, Rabbi Jem quotes the Bible as the basis of our founding documents and for the blessings our country has received in the past by applying those principles in government.

These two men of God are prime examples of unfailing leadership as they follow in the footsteps of the leaders of our country who stood for liberty. Pastors and rabbis alike will be encouraged and inspired to talk to their congregations with confidence and courage. Together, these two “gems” give inspiration and instruction on how ONE PERSON CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Pastor Book and Rabbi Golden are partnering with CWA to encourage ministers to stand firm on Biblical values and to work on these important issues:

  • the family
  • the sanctity of human life
  • religious liberty
  • education
  • pornography
  • national sovereignty

Contact us at today for more information about having them speak to your church or group.