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Is Decriminalizing Prostitution the New Trend?

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Georgia joins Connecticut and Florida as one of three states seeking to decriminalize prostitution for minors. Gratefully, CWA of Georgia was able to help in the efforts to defeat three bills in the Georgia legislature that would have decriminalized prostitution in Georgia.

We have listed below are resources to help educate you on why this is very bad legislation.

Children in Prostitution: What to Do? The Dangerous Linkage of Naetand Good Intentions Protection of Victims from Pimps and Johns-By All Legal Means. Report by Citizens Against Trafficking. Talking points on opposing decriminalizing prostitution of minors. Alternatives and resources to decriminalizing prostitution. State Director Tanya Ditty’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee Pro & Con: Should prostitution be decriminalized for minors?