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Iowa’s New Generation Science Standards Task Force Moves Ahead – Governor Steps Back

By October 18, 2013Iowa
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CWA of Iowa Update on Common Core in Iowa

New Generation Science Standards Task Force Moves Ahead
While Governor’s Executive Order Takes Step Back

Last week we asked many of you to take the on-line survey on the New Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Thank you for your input. CWA’s State Coordinator Denise Bubeck has been faithful in this battle. Recently, she attended the last NGSS meeting. While we are saddened the NGSS Task Force is moving forward even though several members have voiced concern, we thank you for your input and ask your continued monitoring in this area as young minds will be molded correctly or with prejudice against truth, sound doctrine, and natural law.

On a new note, we are pleased Gov. Branstad has joined several other governors in voicing concern about Common Core, especially after the Governor and his office had defended and promoted it. On Wednesday, Oct 16, 2013, he signed an Executive Order to address Iowans’ concern of Common Core. The actual impact of the Order is unknown as to whether or not it will stop sensitive personal data being harvested, personally invasive biometric monitors used, sexually violent texts being offered in reading selections, or how much of the Iowa Core actually aligns with the Common Core. Still, it is a step in the right direction, and we applaud the Governor addressing local control and privacy issues in this manner. The words look promising – we watch with anticipation to see what action will follow.

We give great thanks to a number of legislators who have taken countless hours over the summer to study Common Core, attend meetings with teachers, parents and taxpayers, and prepare legislation to protect Iowa students and their families. We are pleased that in light of the Executive Order, they promise to remain vigilant in protecting Iowa’s children.

We thank YOU for answering the call to action. We believe it was your urging along with legislators’ action that caused this new turn in Iowa.

We ask YOU to stay engaged in your local districts and in communication with your elected officials.

CWA will continue giving presentations around the state. Currently we have one scheduled in Marion County on October 24 at 7:30 p.m. at the Sprint Car Museum in Knoxville, Iowa, for county Republicans. Tamara will be speaking. Please call us at (515) 259-0087 or e-mail us if you are interested in having Tamara speak on Common Core in your area.

Please continue to investigate, share your findings, experiences, and personal stories with us as they often have more impact with fellow Iowans than statistics and studies. The freedom of our nation hinges upon the classroom. Even more your children’s future is at stake – academically, emotionally, and most importantly, spiritually! Where they spend eternity will greatly depend on what we allow them to be taught here on earth.

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