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Hollywood’s Roman Road

By July 12, 2010Blog
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I am the mother of a thirteen-year-old daughter.  What I know, and other moms will agree, is that thirteen-year-olds are children.  One minute you get small glimpses into the young women they will someday become, but the vast majority of the time they are still wonderfully innocent and childlike. 

The news that the Swiss have sided with narcissistic Hollywood’s pressure to release child rapist Roman Polanski and refuse to extradite him to the United States to face criminal charges for drugging and raping a 13-year-old girl in 1977 makes me beyond angry.  Who are these people?

Many of the Hollywood A-listers rallied behind the film director as an accomplished artist who shouldn’t have to face these charges.

Talk show host and outspoken actress Whoopi Goldberg said what Polanski did wasn’t “rape-rape.”

You be the judge.  Roman Polanski lured the 13-year-old into a hot tub, but she decided to get out. He told her to go lay down on the bed and kissed her, but she refused.  He then raped her, but once he figured out she wasn’t using birth control, he sodomized her.

What part of that isn’t rape? 

Why do so many in Hollywood think that they are exempt from the rule of law?  Forget Lindsey Lohan!  Look how many came to Polanski’s defense, including film mogul Harvey Weinstein, Woody Allen, Pedro Almodovar, Martin Scorsese, and Costa Gavras and signed a petition that expressed “stupefaction” at Polanski’s arrest. 

The attitude over at the Huffington Post was: “Move on, everyone.  Nothing to see here.  Keep on directing, Roman.  Love ya!”

Let’s be clear here.  These people are so entitled that they have even stooped to defend a child rapist!  We at Concerned Women for America find this heinous and unacceptable, both that anyone would come to Polanski’s defense and that that the Swiss would refuse to allow him to stand trial in the United States for his crime. 

When will Hollywood wake up to the fact that real America is becoming fed up with their outrageous behavior?  It’s sad when it’s Lindsey Lohan’s train wreck of a life, but it’s outright dangerous when their poison spills over to harm other people’s children.