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He Can’t Save You

By March 18, 2010Blog
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“I knew at the time that changing my vote at the 11th hour may have been tantamount to political suicide.”

— Former Congresswoman Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky (D-Pennsylvania), on casting the final vote for the 1993 Omnibus Budget Reconciliation.

Note to Members of Congress in moderate districts: 

He can’t save you from us!  Don’t even think it for a moment.  President Obama may promise, cajole, threaten or even beg, but don’t fall for it.  Make no mistake, if moderate Democrats or Republicans vote for anything even remotely resembling the current health care bill on process or otherwise, you will need to dust off your resume. 

This is not a new scenario.  Bill Clinton strong-armed moderate Democrats in 1993, and 34 of them are rumored to be working at 7-11 today.  As the people’s representatives, Members of Congress have one job and that is to represent the interests and views of their constituents consistent with the higher law.  Poll after poll has been taken and it is clear, no matter how well the President explains his plan, the American people have rejected it.  I am sorry.  I know it hurts his feelings, but wake up.  You all work for us, the voters, and we do the hiring and firing.  He can’t save you.