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Government Shutdown No Big Deal

By October 2, 2013Blog
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If you listen to or read the mainstream media, you’d think a possible government shutdown would be disastrous, but even a left-wing publication like Politico reveals that it is not such a big deal after all. The post office would still deliver your mail, and if you are on federal benefits (Social Security or Medicare), you’ll still be paid. Travel (flights, control towers, passports, visas, embassies, etc.) will continue. You cannot tour the Washington Monument; it’s closed for repairs after earthquake damage awhile back. You cannot tour the White House; it’s closed because of sequester posturing awhile back. Our military forces will continue to receive their paychecks; veterans will continue to receive their services, and national security will continue normal operations. If you’re on public assistance (food stamps, school lunches, etc.), you will receive that entitlement.

In other words, not much will change. Sadly, you’ll feel the pinch if you planned fall trips to any of the national parks; they’ll be closed. Ironically, such public facilities are the first to shut down when the Left wants to make a political point. Yes, you won’t be able to schedule appointments if you are a new patient at the National Institutes of Health (though current patient services will continue), and you might have a more difficult time or a delay in finding a federal home loan (but that’s only less than a third of home loans anyway).

Otherwise, you won’t notice much difference which goes to show how much we spend for non-essential services. Very few people will be inconvenienced, and hardly anyone will be affected by a short-term government shutdown.

Kind of makes you wonder why supporters of ObamaCare are kicking up such a fuss.