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God’s Model for Marriage Triumphs in North Carolina

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North Carolina becomes the 31st state to protect marriage in its state constitution as the union between one man and one woman. North Carolinians came out in droves to stand up for marriage, and what a message they sent to the rest of the nation. Sixty-one percent of them voted to preserve marriage as only the union between one man and one woman.

The victory was not easy. Concerned Women for America (CWA) members and leaders in North Carolina have been working for years against powerful interest groups who zeroed in on the state to make it an example for the nation. Many were attacked personally for speaking out for God’s model for marriage. Yet they remained faithful to God, believing that people would see through the political distortions and make the best choice for the state and the country.

Mary Frances Forrester, Associate Director for CWA of North Carolina (CWA-NC) and the wife of late State Senator James Forrester, whose tireless efforts gave birth to the amendment, had this to say on the amazing victory:

God is good! 

This victory was accomplished by an outstanding coalition team of which CWA-NC was a working part. It was both humbling and wonderful towitness such resounding success. Jim always said, “The people of North Carolina are conservative. And government, at its best, is to give them the opportunity to vote what they want the definition of marriage to be. If given that opportunity, they will vote for traditional values.” He was 100% correct!

And that was the spirit we felt from all our members and leaders in North Carolina, not one of boasting or taunting the other side, but one of humble gratitude towards God. Sheri Miller, CWA-NC’s State Director, said it this way:

With humble gratitude, we recognize The Lord’s Hand on this 61% victory. Though we were small in numbers against the opposition, who outnumbered us 2-to-1 with financial contributions, it was by His Spirit, using voices of Truth. Let us remain vigilant in our prayers and actions.

Sheri even asked for prayer “for those who are wounded from the election outcome.” Let us commit to this same attitude as we continue to stand for marriage in every state of the union.

North Carolina should be a model for all other states considering this issue. It is a great example of what we can do when we stand for truth in love. When we do this, it does not matter how much money our neighbors use to distort our views. That is why every time voters get a chance to vote on this issue they choose to preserve the traditional definition of marriage.

There is good reason for this. The evidence is overwhelming that everyone benefits when we, as a society, value families with a mother and a father who love each other and their children unconditionally. There can be no question that children, who are our future, do best in that type of environment. Not to mention that the sudden rise of “homosexual rights” continues to infringe on Americans’ First Amendment rights to freedom of religion.

God’s model for marriage is best for all, including “gays” and lesbians. This is a great victory for the country as a whole.