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Georgia Governor Deal Caves to Big Business Bullies, Furthers Left Mantra on Money in Politics

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You usually hear the left complain about the evils of Big Business and corporations, that awful “one percent” that controls our economy and our politicians.  The left hates them — except when those same corporations use their despicable money and power to bully supporters of religious freedom.  Then they’re not that bad.

What happened in Georgia is a perfect example.  The people of Georgia asked their legislators to work on a bill that would show some sensitivity and balance between our First Amendment right to religious freedom and the recently discovered constitutional right to same-sex “marriage.”  House Bill 757, known as the Free Exercise Protection Act, was the product of a long, arduous process where all sides worked together to come up with a compromise that would move the ball forward and protect all interested parties.

The Free Exercise Protection Act was a very modest bill.  It was not perfect for either side.  It was the product of lawmakers doing what they are supposed to do, come together and tackle the tough issues of the day to develop a framework that can protect all citizens.

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