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Four Years in the Making

By March 14, 2013Blog
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What have the Democrats been doing for the last (Fore!) years?

Yesterday, Senate Democrats released their first budget resolution since the last budget was passed — only 1,415 days (or four years) ago!  The last time the Democratic-led Senate passed a budget was 1) before President Obama took office, 2) the House of Representatives was controlled by the GOP, and 3) the iPad was created!  I’m sure we’re thinking the same thing: “What was life before the iPad?”

It’s that same question American families and taxpayers should be asking. What was life economically four years ago? Our current elected leaders have chosen to play partisan politics instead of doing one of the most vital parts of their job, releasing and passing a budget every fiscal year.

The Senate Budget Committee is expected to vote on the Democratic resolution Thursday, March 14. If passed, it will increase spending for roads and raise taxes on corporations and wealthy Americans — all in the name of protecting middle-class earners, naturally.

But no one should be grabbing for their white hat any time soon. The Democrats in Congress may be messaging that they’re helping the middle class, but what they have cleverly omitted is that yesterday they also voted down an amendment offered by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), which would have held off funding to ObamaCare until after the economy was stable.  In short, Senate Democrats just sentenced the middle class to more regulations and guaranteed increases in insurance for business owners.

Budget talks will likely be met with opposition from both sides — nothing new from what we’ve seen for the past four years. Let’s hope the “No Budget, No Pay” measure that was passed by both House and Senate (which would keep members from collecting their paychecks if they fail to pass a budget by April 1), is incentive enough for your elected leaders to actually do their jobs for once in the past 1,415 days.