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Enough Already of the Occupiers

By November 10, 2011Blog
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A recent New York Post editorial called for an end of the so-called “Occupy” movement; it also contains a two-page feature, “Other 99 percent Fires Back.”  The feature includes stories about an Occupier being raped by another protester and demands from local storekeepers who want the protesters gone.  Since the office where I work is next door to the Occupy D.C., crowd at McPherson Square, I echo the New York Post‘s criticism.

I am deeply offended by the fact that our taxpayer money paid for extensive restoration of McPherson Square last spring and summer — new sod, new benches, complete renewal of a formerly run-down area dominated and occupied by the homeless in downtown D.C.  Now, after all that work and all that expense, the lush new grass and other renovations are being trashed by the Occupiers.  Further, this week a slew of portapotties were set up (at our expense, I’m sure) for the convenience and sanitation of the Occupiers and the occupied territory.

Ironically, these supposedly disadvantaged protesters who are demanding the redistribution of wealth, own expensive tents and have the luxury of just lounging around during working hours.  When I drive by in the late morning coming back to the office from a meeting, there are few signs of life, and the tents are closed up.  Numerous people have questioned whether there really are people occupying the tents at night.  If there are protesters in the tents, they are not early risers.

There are stacks of donated food and water in a central area of the park.  The homeless are still in and around the area in the daytime — mostly on the park benches, but some lay or sit out in the open on the grass.  Reportedly, there is tension, even conflict, between the homeless who want some of the food and the Occupiers who aren’t willing to redistribute the donated goods.

Reports of abuse, crime, and disorderly conduct abound.  In Oakland, California, the Occupy movement sought to expand their political and economic influence by marching and demonstrating through the downtown area.  They ended up breaking into buildings, spraying areas of graffiti, and committing acts of arson.  Police in riot gear had to quell the mayhem.

And I am not the only American who is tired of the Occupy movement.  A new Quinnipiac poll reports that only 30 percent of voters have a positive reaction to the movement, 39 percent react negatively, and 30 percent don’t have an opinion.  Sadly, the president and the Democrats have been successful in linking the Occupy movement to the Tea Party movement, with the end result being higher negatives for Tea Partiers than for the Occupiers.  But, as they continue trashing public areas and creating unsafe environments, more and more Americans will lose patience and tell the Occupiers to “just get a job, already!”