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Encourage A Legislator

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Concerned Women for America’s
Encourage-A-Legislator Campaign

The Encourage-A-Legislator Campaign truly embodies who and what CWA is. Prayer is, and will always be, CWA’s foundation. With prayer, petitioning the most holy God, we will be effective. Prayer helps us understand the Lord’s will and defeat the schemes of the enemy. The Encourage-A-Legislator Campaign is prayer-focused and intended solely to encourage our elected representatives in each state.

The Encourage-A-Legislator campaign impacts state legislators. It does this in two ways. First and foremost, it intensifies and insures consistent prayer for each legislator. Second, it encourages and builds bridges with the conservative legislators as well as those who do not normally agree with us. As multiple prayers are offered on behalf of the legislators and they receive multiple encouragement cards, hearts are changed and encouraged. The Encourage-A-Legislator Campaign is not used for lobbying purposes.

This is a simple campaign. It is a matter of inviting individuals to sign up to pray for and encourage a legislator. These individuals are called encouragers. Washington State has 147 legislators, so we need 147 volunteers. Each encourager is instructed to pray for her assigned legislator daily and to send one encouraging postcard per week to an assigned legislator’s office. CWA of Washington even provides the script for the postcards!

We have seen the EAL postcards in offices during our visits to Olympia, have heard from representatives that they keep the cards and refer to them when discouraged, and once in a while one of our encouragers get a handshake or even a hug from an appreciative legislator!

PLEASE JOIN OUR ENCOURAGE-A-LEGISLATOR CAMPAIGN! Just fill in and send the the application to our state office. You will receive your legislator’s name, contact information and all the EAL materials in early January so that you can pray for and mail that first postcard to your legislator before the session begins.

Click HERE to view the application.