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El Centro Event – Preserving Freedom – A Great Success!

By April 25, 2012California
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The Sharia Law Seminar was an outstanding success. Thank you to our CWA ladies for your hard work and prayers. Thank you to Pastor Pete Mallinger and Calvary Chapel for hosting the event. We had close to 200 in attendance.

Nonie Darwish received a standing ovation. On Sunday morning she gave her testimony and spoke at the service at Calvary Chapel and had people in tears; the Holy Spirit moved on their hearts.

Bill Federer had the audience mesmerized and wanting to hear more. He spoke at Christ Community Church on Sunday morning. He spoke again at Trinity Baptist Church in the evening on the “rise and fall of the kingdoms of the world”, and then he spoke afterwards to the youth group. With the youth, he used the life of George Washington Carver as an example of someone who overcame hardships to be used mightily by God, and he encouraged the students to not give up but to be overcomers.

Both of these speakers were themselves used mightily by God this weekend!

We serve a great God who desires to answer our prayers for He desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of THE TRUTH!

We give HIM praise!