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Earn the Chance to Win a $100 Gift Card Take the She Votes 2012 30-Day Challenge!

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The time to engage Christian conservative voters is now! As we enter the next 29 days leading up to the most important election of our lifetime, it is vital that we reach out to the 30 million registered Christian women voters. I urge you to join Concerned Women for America’s (CWA) She Votes 2012 30-Day Challenge.

To help CWA get out the vote, simply accomplish one small mission each day between now and Election Day for your chance to win one of five complimentary $100 gift cards. Send your name and address to and tell us that you are taking the challenge, and we will enter your name into the drawing.

Each task, easily accomplished on your own, contributes to our effort in helping turn out the 30 million Christian conservative women eligible to vote. Complete as many items on the following list as possible for your chance to win!

She Votes because the future of America is at stake!

30-Day Challenge:

1. Celebrate Columbus Day! Yesterday was your last day to rest until Election Day!

2.Email to let Concerned Women for America (CWA) know you are participating in the She Votes 2012 Challenge and why you believe this election is important!

3. Check your state’s voter registration deadline at Be sure you are registered.

4. E-mail a friend and encourage them to check to see if they are registered and encourage them to register if they are not.

5. Pray that your friends and family will be motivated to take action in this election.

6. Tweet a reminder to your friends to register to vote.

7. Call your pastor and encourage him to remind his congregation to register to vote and then get out and vote on Election Day.

8. Watch the vice-presidential debate airing October 11.

9. Watch the second presidential debate airing October 16.

10. Watch the final presidential debate airing October 22.

11. E-mail Political Guidelines for Churches and Pastors to your pastor.

12. E-mail Paul Harvey’s article, Just One Vote, to two friends.

13. Request prayer in your Bible study or Sunday school for the election and voter turn-out.

14. If you have children, take time to explain the civic responsibility of voting and take them with you when you vote.

15. Offer to babysit for a friend with small children on Election Day so that she can visit her local polling center.

16. Host an Election Day brunch from 11:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m. for your friends; pray together for the election and then go vote.

17. Ask your church to offer nursery care on Election Day for moms to drop off their children while they go vote.

18. Post on your Facebook status, “Have you ever complained about the direction of the country? Do you plan to vote?!”

19. Ask your church if you can distribute handouts to your congregation. Find them here.

20. Leaflet the cars in your church parking lot with the Election Day handout.

21. Stand at the exit of your church and remind your fellow Christians to vote.

22. Call your conservative family members, talk with them about exercising their right to vote and ask them if they plan to vote.

23. Phone bank for one of the battleground states; call from your home. Learn how by e-mailing

24. Visit and print out election handout to give to three friends.

25. Post a Facebook status on November 5 and 6 reminding your friends to vote.

26. Contact all the moms you know with youngsters and offer to host a play date at your home, so the moms have time to vote.

27. Offer to drive a senior citizen to their polling center.

28. Wear your red shoes on Election Day and tell someone about the She Vote effort.

29. Take a picture of you and your friends “in action” at the polls on Election Day (be sure your red shoes are showing!) and post it on Facebook and tag CWALAC.

30. Vote!

For additional election materials and resources, be sure to visit