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Divorce –– Not Homosexuality –– Disqualifies for Episcopal Priesthood

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According to the New York Post, former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey has been denied his request to join the priesthood of the Episcopal Church.  McGreevey, you might remember, resigned as governor in 2004, declaring himself to be a “gay American.”  After leaving public office, McGreevey also left the Catholic Church and enrolled at General Theological Seminary in Manhattan to earn a master’s in divinity.  He and his partner, real estate agent Mark O’Donnell, live together openly in Plainfield, New Jersey.

But none of that is at issue.  Apparently, the church that has proudly embraced, ordained, and promoted homosexuals was “bothered” by the former governor’s “bitter divorce” from Dina Matos McGreevey.  Apparently, divorce itself is not a problem for the Episcopalian Church –– Gene Robinson, both divorced and homosexual, was appointed a bishop.  Ah, but McGreevey’s divorce was “bitter.”  Hence the rejection. … over a “bitter” divorce. … not divorce per se and certainly not unnatural, dangerously unhealthy sex preferences.

Hey, a church has to have some standards!