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By Hannah  Faulkner, Young Women for America Chapter President in Rutherford County, Tennessee.

 On Sunday, June 18, my siblings and I were swimming at a local community center here in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, when we entered the bathroom to find a man posing as a woman undressing in the women’s locker room. We didn’t feel safe or comfortable changing in the locker room/bathroom, so we quickly left after I made the facility aware of this violation of the safety of our women-only space.

Despite the fact that this was a man in the women’s locker room undressing, there were several kids in this bathroom, also. The reality is this is happening daily across the country. Women and girls should never be worried whether or not there will be a male in their bathrooms, locker-rooms, sports, and in any women-only spaces. This is not a Republican vs. Democrat issue. This is a moral vs. evil issue.

Allowing men to enter women-only spaces just to appeal to how they “feel” is a complete betrayal and mockery of a woman’s dignity. It is diametrically opposed to the fundamental idea of women’s rights. The Biden Administration has been aggressively trying to erase the unique differences between men and women. They are forcing women to not only compete against men who have a genetic advantage over them, but forcing girls to share the same locker rooms and bathrooms, stripping them of their innocence as they watch biological men undress in front of them. Many individuals are scared to speak up because they’re afraid of what may come against them.

This is a striking and rising issue in our nation and will continue to be if people do not take a stand to acknowledge reality. If we continue to allow this insanity, it will no longer be safe for women to go into public restrooms and locker-rooms. One of our Founding Fathers, John Adams said, “Always stand on principle, even if you stand alone!”