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Defending Planned Parenthood is Blindness

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Nothing is beneath the horror of Planned Parenthood.  This has got to stop!

Why do we fund Planned Parenthood? Why does the government give Planned Parenthood over $528 million in taxpayer funding each year (that’s $1.4 million per day) when they had excess revenue of $127 million according to their last annual report and their CEO makes over half a million a year.  How very “non-profit” of them!  This is unacceptable.

Planned Parenthood’s defense is that they obtain consent, don’t really profit but are just reimbursed for expenses, and care about women no matter what.  They don’t even care enough to have honest consent forms so women can donate their “pregnancy blood and/or tissue.”  Wow.  Just wow. Not once does “baby” “organ” or “part” appear on the consent form, which also contains promises that they don’t alter procedures to obtain parts but the videos clearly show they do.

About the profits from “tissue” sales, the new video says, “The patient gets nothing, of course.”  The woman isn’t paid.  But the doctor is.  And apparently paid according to market value, since the doctor wants to see what others are paying before agreeing on a price.  Watchers recoil in horror as she jokes about her desires for money so that she can have a Lamborghini.  Furthermore, both doctors are agreeing to pursue altering the procedures to obtain particular tissue – which is illegal and violates the consent form.

The first video exposed the use of baby body parts for research while the second haggles over prices and confirms the reality of a for-profit sale involved in this!  All the claims that “It’s not about the money” are negated by the doctor who says that there does still have to be enough money to make the harvesting of baby parts “worthwhile.”

Defending Planned Parenthood is blindness.

The evil of Planned Parenthood has to end.

Sign our petition now to stop funding Planned Parenthood.

Watch Penny defend unborn lives and expose Planned Parenthood’s true agenda on Fox News below.