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Day 8 – Prayer to the God on the Throne

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Heavenly Father,

As everything in our lives has paused,
We refocus upon You at this pivotal juncture
In our nation’s history. Our hearts are turned to You
For we know that Your promises are true.

We thank You that You are our refuge and strength,
A very present help in times of trouble.
You are shaking us globally; but first of all,
We return to You individually, asking for forgiveness
Making up the hedge as we stand in the gap on behalf of our nation.

Lord, we look to You for stability during these unstable days
For only You can bring the turnaround that we need.
Oh God, You are bigger than COVID19.
We stand united as a country imploring You to heal us.

We humbly ask that You give our President and his leadership team
Stamina during this national health crisis.
Bring a divine breakthrough and
Reversal from this pandemic plaguing our land.

You have called us to our homes for a reason
So we ask that You help us to rebuild and restore our families.
Help us to love our neighbor as ourselves,
Resisting selfishness and greed.

May we continue to be generous,
Looking for ways to serve, give and protect
The most vulnerable in our nation.

We plead for frontline workers who cannot stay home,
Protect them with a supernatural shield,
Keep them from any sickness or harm.

For those that are suffering in our nation from this virus,
Wrap Your loving arms around each, letting them know
They are not alone because You promised You would
Never leave us nor forsake us.

And finally Lord, we are reminded
That you rule in the heavens above
And in the kingdom of men.

This virus has not dethroned You
For you are still sovereign in all Your ways.
Therefore, we thank You that You are in charge
Of this day as well as the times in which we live.

In the mighty Name of Jesus,


This prayer was submitted by CWA of Pennsylvania State Director Dilonna Coran. Click here for more prayers from our “30 Days of Prayer in the Midst of Covid-19” effort. Here for more coronavirus-related resources.