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CWALAC Not Backing Down From This Fight

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CWALAC_MediaStatementWashington, DC – America’s largest abortion business, Planned Parenthood, announced in a letter from their CEO Cecile Richards that they would no longer accept reimbursements for donating fetal tissue. Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee CEO and President Penny Nance had this to say:

“Planned Parenthood has been in crisis management mode since the Center for Medical Progress released its first video earlier this summer. Planned Parenthood’s reputation was publically tarnished, and this change in policy is simply an effort to protect the reputation associated with their name. It changes nothing regarding Planned Parenthood’s despicable practices, which include aiding and abetting sex traffickers, cheating the government, blatant racism, and the failure to report the molestation and rape of minors.

“If Planned Parenthood really cared about the well-being of women, they would not be performing 327,000 abortions annually, nor spending $14,000 a day traveling around the country promoting its business rather than women’s health. Bottom line, Planned Parenthood only cares about Planned Parenthood and lining its pockets. This policy change is too little, too late, and Concerned Women for America still firmly believes Planned Parenthood should not receive a single dollar of taxpayer money. We will continue to lend our time and energy, and that of our over 500,000 members, to the fight to defund Planned Parenthood.”

For an interview with Penny Nance, please contact Janae Stracke at or 712-269-1724.