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CWA of South Dakota Legislative Update

By February 25, 2019South Dakota
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Hate Crimes Bill Defeated!

We praise God that this egregious hate crimes bill was defeated in the House Judiciary Committee, Friday, February 22.  Check the votes here.  We wanted a Yes vote, to send it to the 41st legislative day.  Thank you for your prayers and action.

HB1243 – “An act to revise provisions regarding hate crimes”

CWA of South Dakota opposed this very dangerous bill, for the following reasons:

  • HB1243 would add “gender identity” and “sexual orientation” to our statutes regarding “hate crimes.” We don’t want those terms in our state code.
  • Adding the undefined terms of “gender identity” and “sexual orientation” to our list of protected classes would grant special rights and privileges based strictly upon a person’s sexual behavior.
  • Currently, discrimination against certain classes of people is limited to the immutable classes of race, religion, national origin, and sex.
  • All South Dakota citizens are already protected equally under the law.
  • This law opens the door to policies that discriminate against people with traditional views.

Additionally, HB1243 would:

  • Create more severe punishment for crimes against those who claim “sexual identity” or “sexual orientation.”
  • Criminalize “thought-induced” crimes.
  • Transform morality into a form of bigotry.

Bad Gambling Bill -Vote will be TODAY

The following bill will be voted on in the full Senate today, February 25, sometime after 2:00 p.m. If you have not contacted your senator to VOTE NO, please do so and ask others to call/e-mail as well. We are opposed to further expansion of gambling in South Dakota.

SJR5 is a gambling bill that would place the issue on the 2020 ballot for all South Dakota voters to decide. SJR5 would allow roulette, keno, craps, limited card games, and slot machines in the city of Yankton.

CWA is opposed to the expansion of gambling due to the negative and addictive effects it has on individual lives and families.

After failing in committee, SJR5 was reported out of committee “without recommendation.” Then a motion in the full Senate to calendar SJR5 – for a full debate and vote next week – passed by a vote of 20 to 11Hopefully, the full Senate will vote NO on SJR5.

Please take action:
Contact your senator and ask him to OPPOSE SJR5. Click here to view the list of senators and then simply click on their e-mail addresses. Click here if you do not know who your senator is. In addition to e-mailing, phone the Senate lobby and leave a message for your Senator. (605) 773-3821

Effort to Rein in Gambling – Failed

This good bill failed in committee.  Check the votes here.  We wanted a NO vote, not to send it to the 41st legislative day.

HB1253 – “An Act to provide funding for advertising that addresses the negative aspects of gambling.”HB1253 would have provided funds from the state’s share of video lottery to educate the public on the dangers of gambling and its addictive tendencies.  South Dakota is second in the country with the number of gambling addicts, with Nevada being the first. We supported HB1253!

Fair Competition in High School Sports

HB1225, to “establish a determinant in identifying a student’s sexual identity for the purpose of participation in high school athletics.”  This good bill passed out of committee “without recommendation.”  We wanted a Yes Vote to pass it to the full House.

HB1225 will require support of one-third of the House members to put it on the calendar for debate and a vote in the full House.

Please contact your two House Representatives and ask them to SUPPORT HB1225.

CWA of South Dakota Supports HB 1225 for the following reasons:

  • HB1225 will ensure that eligibility to play on sex-segregated teams be based on the sex of the student as indicated on the student’s birth certificate.
  • HB1225 will promote fair competition for boys and girls.
  • Boys competing as girls is “cheating” due to boys’ advantage in strength and size.
  • High-achieving girls may lose out on college sports’ scholarships to biological boys who compete as girls

ACTION: Contact your two representatives and ask them to SUPPORT HB1225.
Click here to view the list of legislators and then simply click on their e-mail addresses. Click here if you do not know who your legislators are. In addition to e-mailing, phone the House lobby and leave a message for your two House representatives. (605) 773-3851

Please diligently keep all these important issues in your prayers. Thank you.

Linda Schauer
State Director
CWA of South Dakota
(605) 380-6914