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CWA of Oklahoma Outraged! U.S. Supreme Court Decision Provides Motivation!

By July 12, 2012Oklahoma
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“When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another it is their right, IT IS THEIR DUTY, to throw off such government and provide new guards for their future security …” excerpt from the opening paragraph of the United States Declaration of Independence

Shocked! No! Disappointed? Yes! I watched yesterday with the same amount of anticipation as many across this nation as the report came out concerning the Supreme Court’s ruling on the “Affordable Care Act” or what has become known as ObamaCare.

What struck me was the fact that our President has said repeatedly, and even very recently, that this was not a tax nor would he raise taxes on people earning $250,000.00 or less yet he sent his legal team to the Supreme Court to argue that this mandate would be a ‘tax’ instead of a penalty imposed on those who do not have proof of health insurance. As it stands, it is a tax after all, and the court ruled that Congress did have the power to impose such tax. And we were told that there would be no new taxes on the “middle class”. Is it possible to be blatantly lied to and still believe the elected official is concerned with our welfare?

Chief Justice Roberts said in part that this was not to be taken as a ruling on the legislation since that is not the job of the courts. He said that it can be either good or bad legislation, but that decision was to be made by the American people at the polls if they don’t like the job their representatives were doing.

Thus the responsibility falls on the shoulders of you and me, the American voter. Do we go to the polls to vote for principles of freedom, free enterprise, religion, for life, to make our own decisions about how we live our own lives? Or do we throw up our hands in despair and sit at home thinking we can’t make a difference or “my vote doesn’t count”!

Once we work through the process of being overwhelmed, feeling helpless, depressed then angry we can come to the place of acceptance. When we reach that point we are ready to move ahead and re-engage.

Concerned Women for America has been standing up for our Christian principles in public policies since 1979. We have been fighting for “life, liberty”, and the right to pursue happiness daily. We need your help to continue standing guard and doing the work that must be done to protect the freedoms we still have and work towards restoring the ones we have lost.

Concerned Women for America just launched a million-dollar nationwide project to get out the vote in the November general election called She Votes 2012. Check it out at

Join us in the fight today! Your voice, your vote, and your involvement does make a difference! Contact me now to find out how to get started. You are needed!

For Freedom!

Sheridan Crenshaw
State Director
CWA of Oklahoma