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CWA of North Dakota Supports Fargo Pro-Life Ministry

By September 24, 2010North Dakota
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Bristol Palin is a pro-life abstinence speaker and daughter of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. We are thrilled that the Perry Center of Fargo has invited Ms. Palin to speak at a fundraiser for this wonderful pro-life ministry. Concerned Women for America of North Dakota supports this effort, and we will be at the fundraiser to support the work done by Perry Center – work that is so vital in the fight for the unborn children and their families.

As the time is approaching for this fundraiser, I have been hearing rumblings of negativity about Ms. Palin’s appearance. Some from the liberal left, of course, who tremble and lose all their sensibilities when they hear the name Palin. No surprises there – actually expected and even entertaining to be honest. No, it is the criticism from some church folks that really motivated me to sit down and write this piece.

I have worked in the pro-life arena, or movement if you will, for over 20 years. Been there, done that as far as having walked through some of those intense and hard times with women of all ages who find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy. And, boy, could I tell you some stories – tragic and good, shocking and redeeming, – all mixed in with the walk of life on earth in which we are all engaged. Some of the stories have sad endings – those where the unborn were not allowed to be born and for the families forever scarred by abortion, and some where the life styles took a turn for the worse and saw a revolving door of bad choices continue. That is the reality of a fallen world. But I must say that through it all, I have been immensely blessed to have had the privilege of being a small part of seeing lives and families restored and precious new life born, in spite of hard circumstances. And most of the young gals I worked with have made great choices for themselves and their children, through hard times, to better their lives and the life of their child and our communities.

Why am I sharing all this, and what does it have to do with Ms. Palin visiting Fargo next month? Well, I for one am deeply impressed with Ms. Palin’s courage and strong voice for abstinence and life. She has turned some really tough circumstances around and is now a single parent, which is no easy feat. As far as I am concerned, she has done a darn good job at it all through the stumbles and scars her journey has given her! She is not even 20 years old, and yet she has the courage and strength that most of us may not get until later in life. And she chose life for her precious child. Sadly 50 million others did not. Her entire life and scars have been laid out for the world to see, in details most of us would cringe at if it were our lives or secrets. Yes, we all have those scars one way or another; if you don’t, you must be from another planet. If only more of those that have gone through this experience would come forward and speak and be a testimony of truth and restoration to those in need!

So, why are there folks out there who think Ms. Palin is not a great spokeswoman for abstinence and life? Because so often it is easier to judge than to bless, to cast stones than to forgive, to blame than to take responsibility. And it needs to stop right now! Fargo, you should welcome the wisdom of this young woman into your city; she has a message that Fargo needs; believe me. She is yet another piece of healing and truth that our youth need to hear, so that we can all be strengthened, go forward and restore the truth about life, the beauty of abstinence until marriage and expose the tragic consequences of abortion and disease that is an epidemic among our youth.

So, set aside politics for one evening, for those of you who may not support Ms. Palin’s mom’s political views. We all need to work together for life. Put down “the stones” that you may have picked up, for if we for one moment do not think Ms. Palin’s journey could have been ours, we had better take another look inside our hearts and another deep look at the Cross. I was once told that at the foot of the Cross the ground is level. It is becoming truer every day!

” whoever is without sin, let him cast the first stone.”

Click here for more information on the Perry Center fundraiser and to reserve tickets.

See you there!