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CWA of North Dakota Joins Bus Tour as it Stops in Bismarck and Fargo

By September 3, 2010North Dakota
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CWA of North Dakota joined in our great state to present the message that federal overspending is simply immoral.

“Those of us here in the heartland, moms and dads, understand balancing the checkbook and staying within our means, and we want Washington, D.C., to do the same!!

We are here today so that both Congress and this current administration will hear our collective outcry, and we demand that they practice the same principled and moral common sense approach to fiscal responsibility as we do here in our state; we want the same kind of fiscal responsibility in Washington that has seen North Dakota become a fiscal leader in this great nation!

North Dakota is the single healthiest state in the nation, and we want the nation to know! The common sense policy of balancing our budget, creating jobs and expanding our energy, be it oil, wind, coal or agricultural advances, are all part of leadership that Washington, D.C., should take note of and apply to their policy making. North Dakota is fast becoming a leader in this nation, and I firmly believe it is due, not only to our fiscal responsibility, but to our values of protecting life and family!

These are serious times in America. Who do we want to become? Where is America headed? Are we going to reclaim the true nature of America, the providential identity that the founding fathers laid down for us, or are we going to believe the lies that America is not great?

As a women’s organization, we know how all women are affected by this spending spree our government is on – a spree that seems intent on bringing this great nation of ours to its knees; therefore, causing our very security to be at great risk. We are moms, daughters, grandmas, stay at home or out in the business world, and we are mad. Believe me, D.C., you do not want us mad at you! Because we won’t quit until we feel this government is once again back on track with promoting our freedom through economic security. Women, most of all, know that unless you have economic freedom, you are not free at all!

Ronald Reagan said, “In dealing with our economy, more is in question than just prosperity. Ultimately, peace and freedom are at stake.” May 4, 1983

May May I be so bold as to add to this great leader’s comments that in dealing with the economy, we are truly dealing with the very soul and deep rooted moral and ethical values of a nation! For so many years, the fiscal and social issues of the public square have been separated, in order to keep value and faith-based policy imprisoned. It is time to realize that this will never work, it will never produce the fruit of prosperity! It is the very foundation of freedom to know that “God shed His grace on thee” America and embrace the providential touch upon this great nation!

So, what a great time to be alive, to get involved, to revolt and seek the restoration of morally sound government! Where America is going is solely up to you and me! Right now.”

Let’s be heard; let’s not give up. We can turn this around, and if anyone tells you otherwise, tell them to ask the British, we defeated them barefoot, with mostly ragged teen boys, in 1776! We can restore America starting today!