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CWA of North Carolina Impacts Raleigh with A Day at the Capital

By June 11, 2013North Carolina
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Concerned Women for America of North Carolina made a difference with prayer and action at A Day at the Capital in Raleigh and Legislative Briefing, June 5, 2013!

The morning began with Sheri Miller, CWA of North Carolina’s State Director, opening a CWA-led chapel service with Matthew 5:14, “You are a light to the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.” Penny Nance, CWA’s CEO and President, presented a devotion on Esther.

Penny thanked CWA of North Carolina’s leadership including State Steering Committee Members, Prayer/Action Chapter Leaders, and Home Team Captains; she also acknowledged She Votes 2012 volunteers for their tireless and successful works during the election session.

Mary Frances Forrester, CWA of North Carolina’s Associate Director, equipped attendees with talking points on HB 695 Foreign Laws/Protecting Constitutional Rights introduced by Rep. Chris Whitmire (R-113). Concerned women, men, teens spent the morning visiting legislators, thanking North Carolina State Representatives for passing HB 695 in the House, and encouraging State Senators to support HB 695 Foreign Laws/Protecting Constitutional Rights in the Senate.

HB 695 recognizes the United States Constitution and North Carolina Constitutions as the supreme law of the state and declares the public policy of North Carolina is to protect its citizens from the application of foreign laws that would violate the fundamental constitutional rights of a natural person within the context of family laws.

American Laws for American Courts initiatives, or similar bills, have passed as law in six state General Assemblies (Louisiana, Oklahoma, Alabama, Tennessee, Arizona, South Dakota), to protect citizen’s constitutional rights from the incursion of foreign laws and foreign legal doctrine including Sharia Law principles into state constitutions.

Sheri Miller, CWA of North Carolina State Director and MC of the Legislative Briefing, welcomed the Honorable Members of the North Carolina General Assembly to “American Laws for American Courts,” protecting North Carolina’s state constitution from the infiltration of all foreign laws and Sharia Law. Outstanding speakers presented informative and inspiring topics related to protecting America’s freedoms guaranteed in the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights.

The speakers included Penny Nance, CWA’s CEO and President; Bill Federer, author of What Every American Should Know About the Qur’an; Rep. Chris Whitmire, primary sponsor and author of HB 695; Dr. Mark Harris, President of the Southern Baptist Convention of North Carolina, and Dr. Zizette Gabrielle, talk show host, serves the Board of Directors on Alkarma Arabic Christian Television. Rep. John Torbett led the Pledge of Allegiance; Mary Frances Forrester, CWA of North Carolina Associate Director, made closing comments and opened for a brief Q&A with speakers. Click here to view, select and listen to one or more of the speakers.

This was an outstanding event, and we are grateful to each and every one who participated. May the Lord give us wisdom and guidance as we move forward armed with excellent information on the issues discussed