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CWA of Missouri Goes to Washington (D.C.)

By October 26, 2022Missouri
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Seven members of Concerned Women for America (CWA) of Missouri attended the CWA Leadership Summit on September 8 and 9, 2022, in Washington, D.C., with directors and area directors attending the State Director training on September 7.

We all see the evil that has infiltrated America and American politics. This evil is threatening to destroy families and everything we hold dear. We were honored to be a part of such an exemplary organization as CWA, as we push back darkness together, shining light and truth through prayer and action.

The times in which we live require that we stand on God’s Word as we work to restore America. As we stand on His Word, united together in our faith in Jesus, we will see the impossible become possible. We will not fear, for there is more with us than with them.

It was invigorating to fellowship with the courageous and strong women of CWA from across the nation!

We want to thank all those at the CWA National office who worked so hard to organize and execute this most excellent Leadership Summit 2022. The accommodations were comfortable and luxurious, the meals were the best we have eaten, the speakers were inspiring and informative, and the anointed worship propelled us into the very presence of God! Well done!

Alissa Johnson, CWA of Missouri Legislative Liaison, received the Outstanding Legislative Liaison award for her tireless work in protecting children from online pornography.

Here are a few comments from CWA of Missouri Leaders:

“Overall, I came home with a renewed passion and conviction that we, as Christians, must be on the front line of this cultural war. I realized how CWA is so very necessary and unique. There are many good organizations working in the Kingdom, but most are focused on one subject, abortion, election integrity education, etc., whereas CWA encompasses them all!” Jennifer Gore, CWA of Missouri Legislative Liaison   

“It was the best leadership training we have had! I appreciate the doctors that gave us facts and figures based on legitimate medical studies so that we can speak intelligently on the issues such as abortion and the senseless mutualization and indoctrination of our precious children. It was also great to hear from pro-life Senators who are fighting for Biblical principles and constitutional freedom. As always, a visit to Washington, D.C., is inspiring. We took a Night Monument Tour and were reminded of our nation’s rich history. My favorite was the World War II Monument. I am thankful to those who fought and died for our freedom.” Haven Howard Southern Missouri Director/Taney County Prayer/Action Chapter Leader

“In attending the Leadership Summit, I felt connected to something big, bigger than myself, bigger than our efforts in Missouri. It is a blessed honor to be a part of a united team of prayer warriors who are taking effective action across the nation to restore America to God. Together, through Him, nothing will be impossible!” Janet Dabbs, CWA of Missouri Communications Coordinator