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Cut, Cap and Balance

By July 6, 2011Blog
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As Americans, we know what is necessary to achieve greatness.  And while we have found ourselves reaping the consequences of our nation’s ever-expanding budget and crumbling economy — nervously looking down the proverbial barrel of a loaded gun, so to speak — deep down, we all know that now is the time to act. To get back on the right track, we must first understand that this issue is not a tax problem; it is wild spending that has placed us in our current predicament.  To fix it, we need to revisit the wisdom of our country’s founding: action and sacrifice. Congress must cut spending to reduce the deficit.  It must also enforce a cap on federal spending in order to balance the budget.  Doing anything less would be like shoving more ammo into that already loaded gun and reaching for the trigger. Many citizens and Members of Congress have already pledged to “Cut, Cap and Balance,” but we need to spread the word.  If Congress continues spending at this rate, our families are the ones who will pay, and that dearly.  It’s time for Democrats and Republicans to stop thinking in terms of the next election cycle.  We need to fall back on rooted principles that will assist us as they once did.  It’s time to “Cut, Cap and Balance.”  It’s time to heal our economy. For more information, we’d encourage you to attend “America’s Fiscal Crisis Briefing” hosted by Concerned Women for America at the Capitol Visitors Center (Room SVC 203) on July 7 from 2:00-3:00 p.m.  You can also get more information at our Fiscal Crisis page.