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Courting a Favorable Nominee from the President

By May 3, 2010Blog
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With a Supreme Court nominee coming any day now from President Obama, Concerned Women for America sent a letter today encouraging the President to pick a Justice who will uphold the Constitution and not lean on “empathy” or “feelings” when deciding the law.

“We pray you would choose a nominee that makes all Americans feel proud.  At a time when the political chasm between citizens seems to be expanding at an alarming rate, such an admirable move would certainly do a lot to bring us back together and rally for the common purpose of doing what is best for America,” reads the letter.

And we also released an executive memo outlining our concerns, and those of our members, with the top prospects for nominees.

We have serious concerns about all of these nominees and the ideology driving the search behind picking the proper candidate.  President Obama has given conservatives no reason to trust that he will do the right thing.  He has articulated a judicial philosophy that not only allows but expects a judge to decide cases based on what he “feels” is right, instead of the law.

The memo states that “this idea is so preposterous that even his own Supreme Court nominee, Justice Sotomayor, rejected it at her confirmation hearings.  ‘We apply law to facts.  We don’t apply feelings to facts,’ she said, distancing herself from the President’s ideology.”

See the memo here.  Read it yourselves, and feel free to distribute the link around.

Here are CWA, we are following the nomination process closely and will update you with all the latest news as it comes in.