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Conservatives On the March In a New American Revolution

By September 15, 2010National Sovereignty
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Published September 15, 2010

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History books, it is my hope, will record this time in our nation as a peaceful revolution, a course correction for a nation adrift.

For too long Americans have been complacent, happy to accept the status quo: runaway government spending, elected officials who see themselves more as celebrities than servants, and the gross misuse of our taxpayer dollars to fund everything from studies on the effects of cocaine on monkeys to abortion. We have tolerated members of Congress who have behaved more like frat boys than men of noble character fit to lead and represent a nation.

But if you were a listening to your neighbors, a murmur began about 18 months ago that said Americans are done with that. Incumbents are falling left and right, in both parties. President Obama and Republican National Committee President Michael Steele are at home these days waiting for invitations from their Parties that were “lost in the mail.” The sleeping giant – the moms at the kitchen tables, the dads at construction sites, the grandparents taking their grandkids to the park – has been awakened.

The conservatives in the Republican Party have decided it’s about time lukewarm elected officials are kicked to the curb. When the Republican National Committee openly flirts with joining the liberal side of social issues and spending fund-raising dollars at bondage nightclubs, one finds it appropriate to be part of the insurgence that fights to whip it back to the right.

The National Republican Party is on a severe losing streak, having backed the liberal, losing candidate in several races. How many times do conservatives have to tell their party that they don’t support abortion, same-sex marriage, and want fiscal irresponsibility? Lots of times apparently as evidenced by Rick Scott, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Mike Lee, Sharron Angle, Joe Miller and now Christine O’Donnell.

We already know President Obama doesn’t listen to the American people and his Democratic drones have followed him over the cliff. But what about the Republican establishment? Obviously they are in need of hearing aids as well. Conservatism is taking hold of the party and kicking out those, without the support of the Party leadership, who don’t hold their views.

In the hotly contested Delaware race, incumbent Mike Castle drew his paycheck from the federal government for over four decades, all the while voting for cap-and-trade and the TARP bill. Even though he voted against Obamacare, he said he had no interest in repealing the disastrous new law. It’s no wonder Christine O’Donnell beat him in the primary.

Republican activists have essentially said “enough with the RINOs (Republican In Name Only) already.” More big spending liberalism with an “R” by his name does nothing to protect our kids’ future and to restore American solvency.

The nation was founded upon conservative principles – endowed by the Creator with the right to life and liberty for all Americans. The 2010 primaries have been thrilling for a number of reasons but none more so than being able to observe a nation that is fighting to right its course and find its soul. – The non-political rally a few weeks ago in Washington, D.C. held by Glenn Beck demonstrated that perfectly. Dozens and even perhaps hundreds of similar rallies are taking place across the nation in which God-fearing patriots are finding their voices and shouting their displeasure with the current direction of America.

A revolution is taking place in America and conservatives are on the march. The Republican Party is being forced to go back to basics. The Democratic Party is being shaken out of denial. But the question remains, who will the people ultimately choose to lead us? Come November that murmur may become a roar in the form of a new breed of elected officials who owe fealty to neither party but only fidelity to people and the Constitution. God Bless America!

Penny Nance is CEO of Concerned Women for America.

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