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Concerned Women for America LAC Stands for Women, Against Chemical Abortion

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Today, Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee’s Legislative Strategist Valerie Bynog delivered a pro-life, pro-woman statement in support of the introduction of the Ending Chemical Abortions Act of 2023 by Rep. Andy Ogles (R-Tennessee). She said, in part:

“Chemical abortion has a complication rate four times that of surgical abortion, and as many as one in five women will suffer a complication. CWALAC has heard from many mothers who have gone through the traumatic, life-altering experience of bleeding out scared and alone as the result of relying on the lies that this dangerous drug would be an easy way out of a painful situation.

“Our organization is proud to represent thousands of Young Women for America members on college campuses all across the nation who are especially targeted by the abortion industry and unscrupulous pharmaceutical companies when they are most vulnerable. We have spoken with young women who recall hemorrhaging in their bathrooms alone, and ultimately having to race to an emergency room to get the critical care they need. And friends, these are not “one-off” stories, unfortunately. One study shows that chemical abortions are over 50% more likely to result in an ER visit within 30 days than surgical abortions. Women deserve better than this.”

Read Valerie’s complete statement here and watch our video below.

CWALAC’s Valerie Bynog delivers remarks on Capitol Hill on the introduction of the Ending Chemical Abortions Act of 2023.

CWALAC’s Legislative Strategist Valerie Bynog (right) and Digital Media Specialist Deanna Drogan (left) with Rep. Andy Ogles (R-Tennessee), the main sponsor of the Ending Chemical Abortions Act.