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Communist China’s Soft Side?

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Caution! Do not be fooled by rumors that China is softening its one-child policy. It’s not. According to People’s Daily, the Chinese communist party newspaper, China plans to soften its one-child policy slogans. Sadly, China has no plans to change its one-child policy. The communist party has merely instructed China’s National Population and Family Planning Commission to work to evoke “gentle reminders,” such as “Caring for the girl means caring for the future of the nation,” instead of what I call repulsive propaganda.

Thanks to BBC, we know that the despicable slogans currently circulating, especially in rural areas, include:

“Kill all your family if you don’t follow the rule.”

“We would rather scrape your womb than allow you to have a second child!”

“If you don’t receive the tubal ligation surgery by the deadline, your house will be demolished!”

“If you escape [sterilization], we’ll hunt you down; if you want to hang yourself, we’ll give you the rope.”

These slogans are beyond terrifying, which has been their point. Can you imagine the uproar in the United States if propaganda like this was scattered throughout our small towns? I imagine the depths of the underworld would have to freeze over first.

But sadly, for China’s younger generations these disgusting mantras are not upsetting. Right now, Concerned Women for America is hosting a beautiful and bright student intern from Shanghai. Though our intern holds all life to be precious, these slogans encouraging the one-child policy are unsurprising to her because she has witnessed firsthand the communist regime’s efforts to decrease its population. She took time to explain the perspective of her fellow countrymen. You won’t like what you read.

She explained that China’s government has taken drastic measures to fool its citizens. The communist government has intentionally made its cost of living, childcare costs, tuition fees, and even formula prices so expensive that families feel they cannot afford to have more children. China has worked hard to make its policy seem reasonable, even humane (much like the methods used by pro-abortion activists).  Sadly, so many Chinese citizens are being convinced that their country cannot sustain more people – that is, until they reach their golden years.

Older generations in China grow to regret not having more children. Once they grow old, parents realize they would have had more than one child to love, support, and care for them. Unfortunately, by this time, it is too late.

We must pray that this vicious cycle in China ends soon.