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Common Core Must Be Stopped in North Dakota

By May 16, 2016North Dakota
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As you may know, North Dakota adopted Common Core in 2010 when it signed onto the Smarter Balance Assessment Consortium.  CWA of North Dakota has been fighting ever since to get North Dakota out.  Recently State Superintendent Kirsten Baesler had a press conference in which she seemed to indicate that North Dakota was going to start to move away from Common Core.  Consecutive interviews with her indicate a conflict with her statements made during the press conference. It appears Baesler is playing both sides of the issue.

North Dakotans needs to send a clear message to State Superintendent Baesler – “We do not want Common Core in North Dakota!”

Click here to watch Chris Berg on 630pov interview state Rep. Jim Kasper (R- District 46) on this important issue.

It is time to act! North Dakota needs to withdraw from Smarter Balance Assessment Consortium now and make sure that no part of Common Core continues to be used in our schools.

Take Action:

  • Contact State Superintendent Baesler.  Let her know that you want Common Core stopped by pulling North Dakota out of Smarter Balance Assessment Consortium. Write, call and/or e-mail her today.

Kirsten BaeslerState Superintendent
North Dakota Department of Public Instruction
600 E. Boulevard Avenue
Bismarck ND 58505

  • Forward this e-alert to friends and family and ask them to contact Baesler concerning this issue.

Please Pray: 

  • Pray for wisdom and guidance as CWA of North Dakota works to protect children and families from government overreach.
  • Pray for Kirsten Baesler.  Pray she sees Common Core for what it is and has the courage to stand against it.

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