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Colorado Legislative Update

By April 19, 2024Colorado
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Thank you for your faithfulness to prayer and action during the 2024 legislative session. I wanted to provide an update on a few of the bills I have alerted you about and the testimony given on your behalf.
Opposed with Testimony
SB24-068, Medical Aid in Dying: CWA of Colorado opposed this bill that would legally hasten death in Colorado. It did pass (we wanted a no vote), but we continue to oppose the bill as it moves through the legislature.
Supported with Testimony
HB24-1106, Abortion Pill Reversal Information Act: The bill was defeated, resulting in a grave injustice to women in Colorado seeking to reverse their abortion. CWA of Colorado continues to support a woman’s right to know all options for care.
HB24-1092, Minimum Incarceration for Crimes Against Prostituted Children: The bill was postponed indefinitely, killing the bill for the session, and so the practice of probation for persons accused of crimes against children continues. However, SB24-035, Strengthening Enforcement of Human Trafficking,  a bill enhancing sentencing for human trafficking, was passed and signed into law this month.
HB24-1247, Integrity of Digital Education Materials: the bill passed out of the House Committee on Education and referred to the Appropriations Committee. If the bill becomes law, it will protect our children from advertising, marketing, and inappropriate links embedded within digital materials in schools.
Please Pray: Father, You ordain righteous government and care that we speak righteousness and obedience to Your laws in the public square. We pray now for the legislators, Governor, Secretary of State, and Attorney General of Colorado to rule in justice and fairness and not oppress the people of this good State. We pray Proverbs 29:2: “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; but when the wicked bearth rule, the people mourn.” In Your name, we pray. Amen.

Looking Unto Jesus,

Karen Pennington, PhD, RN
State Director