What is Project 535?

“Project 535” is a program unique to Concerned Women for America (CWA) in which the face and voice of our half-million members come alive to bring our nation back to Biblical values. This program has several components spanning all across the country, from Capitol Hill to the districts and homes of CWA volunteers. Officials cannot help but notice grassroots America when our “Project 535” teams move for change.

The first step in our program is training. Our group of “Project 535” volunteers are well-equipped with important legislative information and updates, strategic planning on collaborating with Congress and encouragement to impact America for righteousness. Four months out of the year, while the 535 members of Congress are in session, our volunteer teams commute to Washington, D.C., to lobby on Capitol Hill. While here, our spirited liaisons travel in pairs to meet with congressmen and their staffers, urging them to act on a piece of legislation that will strengthen America’s families.

At our yearly “Project 535” Training Seminar in Washington, D.C., Capitol Hill Liaison volunteers receive a manual filled with tips on how to lobby effectively. They receive instruction from CWA’s seasoned professionals, experienced lobbyists and congressional staffers for an “insider’s” perspective. We pair new members with a more experienced liaison who guides them through a conversation with Congress. With these tools volunteers from all walks of life are motivated to speak boldly on issues of importance to the family.

The training results in action. When Capitol Hill Liaisons walk into a congressional office, they represent all the CWA members in that congressman’s district. This is a powerful message sent to Congress; the voices of the governed remind congressmen of their duty to God and country. As a whole, our teams can tackle between 40 and 70 congressional offices in a day! Congressional staffers note the astute knowledge of our Capitol Hill Liaisons and the influence they have on legislative decisions.

Finally, the impact is expanded on the state and local level. After our Capitol Hill Liaisons meet with a congressman in Washington, D.C., CWA sends “Project 535” alerts to our state volunteers (535 Coordinators) and our local volunteers (Home District Liaisons). Coordinators and Home District Liaisons then rally the base of that congressman’s home constituents, creating a communication chain asking CWA members to contact their congressman about the chosen legislation. Our Coordinators and Home District Liaisons comprise a crucial element in keeping legislators accountable for their decisions.

The call goes out, and CWA responds through “Project 535.” Not only do our national volunteers represent CWA members before a congressman in Washington, D.C., but congressmen also hear the voices and see the faces of their constituents, our state and local volunteers who get involved back at home. The cooperation of our “Project 535” team is essential to its success, and it brings great credibility to the petitions made before Congress.

Join “Project 535”! From here in D.C. to your kitchen table, there is a part for you to play in making a real difference for our nation.

Alexandria Paolozzi National Project 535 Coordinator 202.266-1020 apaolozzi@cwfa.org

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