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Capitol Hill Brief — The Bottom Line

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All week we’ve highlighted the shameful, unconstitutional religious test that Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont would like to use to ban all Christians from public service.

To be clear, according to Bernie Sanders, if you believe in John 3:16, affirming that we must believe in Jesus Christ to be saved, you are a bigot that should not be allowed to work in government.

Sen. Sanders calls Christians “Islamophobic” for this, but even Ismail Royer, who works at the Center for Islam and Religious Freedom in Washington, D.C., repudiated Sen. Sanders in a piece titled, “Bernie’s Relativism Test Is Bad for Muslims and All Religious Believers.”

He’s right.  Sen. Sanders’ views are misguided and actually dangerous.

Should your Christian faith disqualify you from government service? Senator Bernie Sanders thinks so. He attacked one man for his Biblical beliefs during a nomination hearing. Tell Sen. Sanders to respect our constitutional rights at If you’d like to hear these commentaries on the radio, find me on your local radio station.