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Capitol Hill Brief — Support YWA

By September 29, 2017Blog, Capitol Hill Brief
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All week, we’ve been letting you know about Concerned Women for America’s Young Women for America college chapters.  We are building a foundation in our young women that will withstand the test of time. The unity we are seeing is key:

[Audio Clip] Hi! This is Courtney from Missouri. My favorite thing about CWA is the fact that these women are from all different backgrounds and all different religions, and it’s just so great that we all get to come together and find common ground and find common issues that we all want to fight together.

So, if you are a college student, you can join. If not, you can support them in many ways. Everyone has a part to play. Just don’t stay on the sidelines.

Restore our nation’s future. Empower the next generation of young women to protect Biblical and constitutional values. Visit today. If you’d like to hear these commentaries on the radio, find me on your local radio station.