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Capitol Hill Brief – Safe, Legal and Accessible?

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So-called “pro-choice” legislators and activists used to say abortion should be “Safe, Legal, and Rare.”

Not anymore. The new motto is “Safe, Legal, and Accessible.”

Notice the shift? Not rare, rampant abortion is what they want. It’s why they want to repeal the Hyde Amendment, which makes it illegal to directly fund abortion through our tax dollars.

The truth is, abortion is never safe – not for the unborn baby, and not for the desperate mother. And it’s already not rare, with 2,700 abortions in the United States every day. And we certainly don’t need to make it more accessible by forcing taxpayers to pay for it.

Call your Congressmen and Senators today and ask them to preserve the Hyde amendment.

We must protect the unborn. Sign our petition to tell Congress to preserve the Hyde Amendment. It’s the only federal limit on taxpayer-funded abortion that exists today, and we can’t let it fall. Visit to sign and save unborn lives!