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Capitol Hill Brief — Persist in the Fight for Israel

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As the leader of the free world, the United States has a unique role in standing in solidarity with the nation of Israel.

Unfortunately, it is becoming less and less politically correct to stand with God’s people, and our leaders are hesitant to express their support for fear of being targeted by the radical left.

They should know better.  Prime Minister Netanyahu said it best, “History has shown us time and again that what is right is not what is popular.”

The fight for Israel may not be a popular one, but it is a fight Concerned Women for America will continue to persist and highlight in our summer of perseverance, clinging to God’s promise that blessings will follow.

Now is not the time to resist; it is the time to persist.  This summer, find out how you can support a positive agenda that protects our Biblical values. Visit today. If you’d like to hear these commentaries on the radio, find me on your local radio station.