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Capitol Hill Brief — Making a Difference

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I told you yesterday about Concerned Women for America’s unprecedented move to boycott Target after it ignored women’s safety concerns to appease transgender activists seeking to have men in women’s public bathrooms.

What we did not get a chance to highlight is the fact that the boycott has worked!  (And you thought you couldn’t make a difference …)

Target’s CEO Brian Cornell recently expressed deep regret in an illuminating Wall Street Journal piece.

The American Family Association reported Target’s stock has lost 35% of its value, and they have shut down plans for major expansions to deal with the situation.

That’s why we need to continue to stand together to protect our families.  Join Concerned Women for America today.

Protect your First Amendment rights. Speak out and tell President Trump how important religious liberty is to you and your family. Sign this powerful petition today. Visit If you’d like to hear these commentaries on the radio, find me on your local radio station.