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Capitol Hill Brief — Gorsuch on Hobby Lobby

By February 10, 2017Blog, Capitol Hill Brief
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Before the Supreme Court ever heard the Hobby Lobby case, Judge Neil Gorsuch, who’s being nominated to the Supreme Court, heard it as a judge at the 10th Circuit.  Here’s what he wrote:

In many ways this case is the tale of two statutes. The [Affordable Care Act] compels the Greens to act. [The Religious Freedom Restoration Act] says they need not. We are asked to decide which legislative direction controls. The tie-breaker is found not in our own opinions about good policy but in the laws Congress enacted. Congress structured RFRA to override other legal mandates, including its own statutes, if and when they encroach on religious liberty. (Emphasis added.)

That’s why Judge Gorsuch is worthy of our trust.

Our next Supreme Court justice will shape America’s future for generations to come. Judge Neil Gorsuch will uphold conservative, constitutional values. Tell the Senate to confirm him by signing our petition at today. If you’d like to hear these commentaries on the radio, find me on your local radio station.