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Capitol Hill Brief — Gorsuch and the Little Sisters of the Poor

By February 22, 2017Blog, Capitol Hill Brief
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Judge Neil Gorsuch has a proven track record of protecting one of Concerned Women for America’s core issues: Religious Freedom.

For example, Judge Gorsuch defended the rights of the Little Sisters of the Poor, whose religious freedom was threatened under the Obama Administration’s Contraceptive Mandate. Gorsuch favored the nuns because, as he said, the “issue…has little to do with contraception and a great deal to do with religious liberty.”  He said, “It is not the job of the judiciary to tell people what their religious beliefs are” and that a judiciary trying to do so shouldn’t be tolerated.

Judge Gorsuch’s commitment to both religious freedom and judicial restraint make him the perfect choice for the Supreme Court.  He should be confirmed.

Our next Supreme Court justice will shape America’s future for generations to come. Judge Neil Gorsuch will uphold conservative, constitutional values. Tell the Senate to confirm him by signing our petition at today.  If you’d like to hear these commentaries on the radio, find me on your local radio station.