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Capitol Hill Brief — Every Beating Heart

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I remember hearing the heartbeat of my own children for the first time.

[Heartbeat audio]

Did you know that we can detect a child’s heartbeat beginning at 21 days? And can be heard by monitor at 8-10 weeks!   At 7-12 weeks old, an unborn baby has brain waves and developing features like a nose, mouth, and ears!  At this age in the womb, they can even hiccup and respond to touch!

Sadly, most abortions occur during this time — between 7-12 weeks gestation.

Just because an unborn child is small, doesn’t mean they aren’t worthy of life.  Protecting the unborn should remain a top priority for our nation’s laws and culture.  Let us protect every beating heart.

Join us on the front lines, defending critical issues like the sanctity of life through prayer and action. Together, we’ll bring Biblical and constitutional values back to our nation. Stand with us, and give today at If you’d like to hear these commentaries on the radio, find me on your local radio station.